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by - Agustus 14, 2019

There are hundreds of free blog platforms, article directories, and web 2.0 sites out there where you can post your articles. There are thousands of high-authority blogs now accepting guest posts.
If you publish just a handful of new articles weekly, and maybe throw some cheap links at a selected few, your ranking factors will receieve a strong and steady push. The articles do need to be relevant and your own original content – which is exactly what this app produces.

1-Click Access
The app lives in your Chrome browser, so is never more than a click away. Publish new articles and post their links on social sites in seconds.
Direct Article Output
Deep Spin Poster can output new articles directly into web forms, WordPress posts, etc, or it can rapid-fire output to text files on your PC.
Right-Mouse Menu
Post new articles to forms, add published article URLs to the organizer, and post article URLs into web page fields all from a convenient right-click function.
Quality & Legit
You are using your own content and can sleep at night knowing your article posting is legal, above-board, is actually valuable, and high-quality.

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