MobiFirst - Site-Building Solution For Mobile-First Indexing

by - Agustus 16, 2019

As soon as Google announced "Mobile-First" indexing, we hit the drawing board to understand and answer what would become every website owner's biggest questions.
"How do I keep up with, and stay competitive with Google's Mobile-First changes?
(If you're not already asking yourself this question, you should start. The future of your business depends on it)
We first looked at how the vast majority of mobile sites were being built, and immediately found a major flaw in the design architecture.
Most all of them are constructed for desktop first, then the elements of the website are manipulated to fit smaller screens LAST.
This is what we all know as mobile-responsive or mobile-friendly site design.

The Shift Has Happened - The Majority Of Viewing Is Now On Mobile.
This Is Your Site-Building Solution For Mobile-First Indexing...
Start Building With MobiFirst or Get Left Behind!

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